switches 0.1.0

Switches providers a user-friendly way to create command line scripts using Python.


To designate a function as a possible command:

def function():
    """This function does stuff"""

This will create a command accessible through:

$ python script.py function

Switches will create a command called function. It’s docstring will be used to generate the help text associated with the command.

If function is defined with arguments, these will be added to the command as either positional or optional arguments, depending on whether or not the argument takes a default value:

def function(positional, optional='default'):
    """This function does stuff"""

In this instance, Switches will create a command called function that has one positional argument and one optional argument. The optional argument, optional, can be given a value by adding --optional 'value' to the call to function. If no value is given, the default, default will be used:

$ python script.py function 'value1' --optional 'value2'

Once all of the commands have been defined, the rest is as simple as:

commandline('Description of the script')

This will tell Switches to process the command line and run the appropriate command. A description for the script can be passed to commandline to help users who call the script with just the --help option.

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